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Helping Build Social Skills and Positive Connections
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Superkids has found a new home at The

Southfield Center for Development in

Darien! For information on their

September programs, please call

203-202-7654 or go to

SuperKids is the place where children and teens who experience difficulty fitting in with their peers come to feel safe and to learn the skills necessary to improve their social world.

Through once weekly groups during the school year, the SuperKids team helps children identify what's getting in their way socially, label it, and learn strategies and coping skills to compensate for these difficulties. An intensive summer program is available to help children continue to build on the skills practiced during the year.

The SuperKids team of therapists, in addition to facilitating the social skills program, is available to work closely with school and family. Therapists are trained to work with Asperger's disorder, autism, pervasive developmental delay, anxiety disorders, ADHD, and ADD.

This is the only after school group my child has ever liked to come to In this site you will find more information about us, our programs and our philosophy of care. Nancy Widdows & Barbara Cooper, co-founders and directors of SuperKids, have written two workbooks that present activities for children Kindergarten through 5th grade, and 6th grade through high school, which are available to buy online.  We are also available for speaking engagements nationwide. Our Events lists what's going on here at SuperKids, and we have online directions to our Ridgefield, Norwalk, Milford and Guilford, Connecticut offices. We invite you to contact us at any time. 



SuperKids, with offices in Ridgefield, Norwalk, Milford, and Guilford CT, helps children, teens, and adults develop social skills through weekly groups, with special summer sessions. Therapists are trained to work with Asperger's disorder, autism, pervasive developmental delay, selective mutism, anxiety disorders, ADHD, and ADD. ©2010. All rights reserved.