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Helping Build Social Skills and Positive Connections
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Social Skills: The myriad number of skills involved in relating to other people in a gratifying manner. See also: The Building Blocks to Relating

SuperKids began in 1999 to fill a much needed gap in therapeutic services for children with social skills difficulties. Our experience as child therapists told us that children with social skills difficulties responded well to a program which incorporated a variety of modalities. We employ expressive arts therapies to help children communicate about their social experiences, we present the children with activities aimed at fostering group cooperation, and we teach social understanding and coping strategies through cognitive-behavioral techniques. All of this is offered within a relational and empathic framework. By combining these different therapeutic approaches our program is unique and effective. Because our methods encompass using verbal and non-verbal as well as visual communication, we tailor our program to suit each child's learning style. The therapists give "on-the-spot" feedback when misperceptions and miscues occur so that children can begin to make more sense of their social interactions and the reactions of their peers. Feedback is given in a positive, caring and specific manner as the therapists help children work on their areas of difficulty and realize their strengths.

I feel special at SuperKids... The world assumes that intelligent, bright children will learn social skills in an automatic and intuitive way. For some children, this process is not automatic and intuitive but needs to be taught and learned. Often it's surprising that a child who can easily master cognitive information has difficulty with skills such as: making and keeping friends, initiating play and conversation, winning and losing games, transitioning from one task to another, and understanding what peers and adults expect from them. For many of these children the world is a confusing and demanding place. Here at SuperKids, children have a unique experience, they are understood! From that as a starting point, we assess their strengths and weaknesses in the social realm and tailor services to meet their needs. For many of our SuperKids the work we do to "translate" abstract social concepts into concrete information helps them to take in information that they have previously "missed" or misunderstood. Please take a look at our programs for more information.

We offer: Small group therapy, individual therapy, parent coaching, sibling support, consulting at PPT, CSE meetings as well as ongoing communication with school personnel.


Social Skills: The Building Blocks to Relating
Just a few...

Friendship Skills:
  • Understanding and respecting boundaries
  • "Safe" friends versus hurtful "friends"
  • Having or understanding empathy
  • Not being "rule police"
  • Knowing when to tell on others
  • Appropriate touching / respecting personal space
  • Knowing how and when to get help
Dealing with feelings:
  • Anger and frustration
  • Excitement
  • Making a mistake
  • Recognizing the feelings of others
  • Recognizing your own feelings
Ability to control impulses:
  • Can stop to think
  • Can evaluate different courses of action and consequences
  • Ability to use words
  • Can stop aggressive reactions (hitting, pushing, etc)
Conversation Skills:
  • Eye contact
  • Listening
  • Taking turns
  • Appropriate subject changes
  • Recognizing on versus off topic
  • Knowing how to start
  • Knowing when to edit sensitive topics
  • Maintenance skills - asking and answering questions
  • Knowing when to stop talking
Successful play skills:
  • Sharing
  • Compromising
  • Knowing rules
  • Flexibility
  • Winning and losing skills
  • Ability to initiate play
  • Knowing which kids to pick to play with (safe kids)



SuperKids, with offices in Ridgefield, Norwalk, Milford, and Guilford CT, helps children, teens, and adults develop social skills through weekly groups, with special summer sessions. Therapists are trained to work with Asperger's disorder, autism, pervasive developmental delay, selective mutism, anxiety disorders, ADHD, and ADD. ©2010. All rights reserved.